Of “banking” sites

The sites the title refers to are those who wanna become strong competitors in a field/community but use a shortcut by choosing a name almost identical to household names web pages (the ones who have become a landmark in said field) and actually believe users won’t notice or realize what their cheap trick is for.

I had to deal with one of these kiddies today who had started following me on Twitter: I blocked him, but he was so conceitedly arrogant he PMed me asking why I did that; my first reply was polite, simply saying I was already a long-time member of a landmark...forum in this case. The guy immediately revealed to be an arrong amateur by basically replying he knew more than all the users and moderators who have been active in that forum for many years....but when he went on claiming to he wanted to be that forum’s opposite because its users lie, I was like LMAO and first told him he was sproutng BS and then I definitely buried his nonsense by saying he should’ve chosen a different name, as the current one was a pretty clear attempt to bank on the established forum’s fame. The guy never PMed back...and I doubt he ever will. lmfao lol lol

That kiddie amateur’s arrogant ignorance made me really laugh, so I wanted to share this funny moment with you.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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Back & tld domain

EDITED ON 08.12 :: Sorry for being M.I.A. for so long, but I swear the site is not dead; the mentioned new look is coming next week, so stay tuned. Cheers. XOXO END EDIT

Yo guys, Ana here; whassup? ^.^
How's your summer going? It's sweltering hot here and I'm about to melt from the heat, but otherwise I'm having a very good time.

After a long absence I finally managed to get Intrigued back online, but it was worth the wait: aside from the site gaining a proper tld domain - thanks to a promo on Namecheap - the next look is gonna be a gorgeous theme color-coded by Syd @ Lushvibes (based on a premade stylesheet I picked form Nymeria), but which will have an header made by yours truly.

Stay tuned for the new look - 'cuz it's gonna be awesome; many cheers. XOXO

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