Free Photoshop...not!

EDITED ON 01.23.2018 The girl came back, yet again begging me to tell her how to get Photoshop; I told her explicitly that I had already explained to her several times how to do that....but I doubt she'll get the (more than a) hint; she's a persistently annoying pain in the arse like that. END EDIT

EDITED ON 01.07.2018 Today the girl emailed me again, but not about Photoshop: she wanted me to basically teach her how to make stylesheets; aside from the fact I don’t have time for that, there’s already plenty of tutorials on Google teaching how to do, talk about lazy. END EDIT

This is absolutely NOT a post on how to get Photoshop for free; go on YouTube or Google for that.
I just wanted to talk about this online "friend" of mine who periodically asks me to find her a free copy of Photoshop.

This girls owns a site I'm affiliated with on a couple of my sites, and she does all her graphics works on PaintShopPro 8 - which is the same as working on Adobe Photoshop 7 - because her laptop is very old and incredibly weak; I've already explained to this girl how to get Photoshop's old versions (that would be Adobe's official site only) multiple times, and given detailed instructions on how to get Photoshop CC as well....yet she keeps coming back to ask the question again and again, even after trying and seeing that her medieval machine cannot handle Photoshop.
Based on her emails and her requests, I believe this girl is likely expecting me to zip my own copy of Photoshop and send it to her directly via email....fat chance. First, I'm not giving her my own Photoshop when I repeatedly told her the method I use that she can follow on her own; second, as long as she uses a computer that can run no program more powerful than PaintShopPro 8, she can forget Photoshop as it'll make her relic crash. I've politely told her as much, but apparently she doesn't believe it since she keeps nagging; at this point she'll just have the truth slapped on her face when Photoshop kills her ancient machine.

Sorry for the sudden rant, but I've really gotten fed up with this girl and her annoying pestering.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

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Of “banking” sites

The sites the title refers to are those who wanna become strong competitors in a field/community but use a shortcut by choosing a name almost identical to household names web pages (the ones who have become a landmark in said field) and actually believe users won’t notice or realize what their cheap trick is for.

I had to deal with one of these kiddies today who had started following me on Twitter: I blocked him, but he was so conceitedly arrogant he PMed me asking why I did that; my first reply was polite, simply saying I was already a long-time member of a in this case. The guy immediately revealed to be an arrong amateur by basically replying he knew more than all the users and moderators who have been active in that forum for many years....but when he went on claiming to he wanted to be that forum’s opposite because its users lie, I was like LMAO and first told him he was sproutng BS and then I definitely buried his nonsense by saying he should’ve chosen a different name, as the current one was a pretty clear attempt to bank on the established forum’s fame. The guy never PMed back...and I doubt he ever will. lmfao lol lol

That kiddie amateur’s arrogant ignorance made me really laugh, so I wanted to share this funny moment with you.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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